Myles Pritchard. Fashion Photographer + Producer.

Born with an eye for detail and an appetite for adventure, Myles Prichard has travelled the world as a fashion photographer. Now based in Sydney, he works between Australia, the UK and the USA, for a wide range of leading brands and Advertising agencies (Saatchi and Saatchi, Banjo, Droga 5, O’NeillShowpo, Qantas, Duskii ActiveUrban Originals and Channel 10, Cellini, Natalie Marie Jewellery, to name a few).

Known for creating evocative images with both style and substance, Myles seeks inspiration in unexpected places –from the wilds of nature, to the intricacies of fine art. In his eyes, beauty can never be forced; instead it needs to be given the time and space to reveal itself. With this in mind, he approaches each shoot with a reassuring sense of calm that puts everyone at ease.

While he has previously been represented by leading photographic agencies, Myles now takes pride in producing his own work. This has been a deliberate choice, as it enables clearer communication with clients, smoother project management, and inevitably a better end result. After all, if a photographer is to realise a client’s vision, it’s vital to understand what they have in mind from the very start.

Myles is also fortunate to have a large network of skilled professionals at his fingertips, including hair and makeup artists, stylists, location scouts and retouchers. This means that, whether it’s a studio look-book, or a swimwear shoot on a tropical island, he can assemble just the right crew for the job.

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